Over our years in production, Cogswell Stone Fabrication has developed a precise methodology in design and installation. We have taken our best experiential knowledge from generations of craftsmen and melded it with computer savvy which gives us a technological advantage over any fabrication house in the Mid-Atlantic.

You’ve seen our work or heard of us through a referral. 99% of our work comes from folks who’ve been satisfied and passed our name on to friends. We achieve these “word-of-mouth” referrals through meticulous work and excellent customer service. From the moment you walk through our doors, we’ve adopted you and want nothing more than to make you happy with your decisions, which brings us to your opinion.

Your opinion is the only one that matters. We know you have personal requirements, standards and criteria and we want to address those needs. We invite you come to our showroom and view our inventory. We have hundreds of pieces of marble, granite and other stone in stock at any given time. Many customers come to visit us with their contractor or interior designer. When you visit we can provide you with expert knowledge on materials, prices, durability, and suitability for purpose. In person you will see the beauty of the stone which no photograph can do justice.

Once your final selection has been made, we can also supply you with stone “samples” to take to your site — these can be used to coordinate paint color and wood tone, and to compare hue and value within the context of your home’s natural light.


After choosing your ideal stone, the design phase begins. For many projects we work directly with you and/or your cabinetmaker or contractor. For larger installations we work with your architect or contractor, planning designs, scheduling the project to conform with the Master Schedule and installing the work. At the start of the project we send a member of our templating staff to field measure the site and physically template the installation requirements.

The design is prepared through one of two methods of templating. The traditional method is to glue wood strips together to form countertop perimeters. The other method is to use a laser templating system. This system allows us to measure walls and cabinets with digital accuracy. We then generate CAD drawings which are printed onto clear vinyl templates. At the time of templating, the client and templater decide on all job details and final decisions are made there.

Production and Installation

Templates are returned to our showroom office, job specifications are produced and the fabrication process begins. Fabrication takes place in several stages: slabs are marked-out for cutting using the templates; at this point, we invite our clients to take part in this process to insure the client has input in how their counters will look upon installation. The slabs are then cut to size, edgework milled, sinks cut, faucet holes drilled and polishing done. Upon completion, all piece are checked for quality and accuracy.

From the time of templating, countertops typically take 5-10 working days to complete. Specialty cuts take longer naturally and require careful attention. When planning your schedule, check with us to determine the time it will take for us to execute your job.