Red Kyanite


Granite is an igneous stone. Igneous stones began as a material that was molten emerging from the core of the earth mixing with many types of elements as it flowed. The slower the flow of magma (intrusive formation) during a granite development, the coarser the grain structure; the faster the flow of magma (extrusive formation), […]
Emerald Green Onyx

Marble & Onyx

Marbles are metamorphic stones. They began as limestone from a sedimentary deposit, then experienced one or more metamorphoses that included dramatic movement and extreme heat. These dynamic forces acting on the deposit cause new minerals, not present in the original deposit, to recrystallize to form marble. Marbles usually have dramatic veining and deposits of various […]
Bianco Perlino

Limestone & Travertine

Limestone is a sedimentary stone created by the accumulation of finely eroded particles of rock and other fine materials carried by the wind or water most often collecting in basins and seabeds. These deposits densified over the millions of years of the earth’s development to create uniform layers or formations. The layers of sediment contain […]


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Soapstone 3cm

Soapstone & Slate

Soapstone is a sedimentary stone. Soapstone is usually grey, green or grey brown in color. The primary components of soapstone are talc and chlorite–the greater the content of chlorite the more pronounced the green color will be. The talc minerals give soapstone it’s characteristic slippery feeling. Soapstones are very dense, however, they are also very […]
Revitalizer is a specially formulated cleaner with a built-in sealer to protect against stains with every use. It is a pH-balanced product that is safe for daily use on all natural stone surfaces.

Stone Care Products

Cleaners, Polishers, Stain Removers and Enhancers to maintain the natural luster of your stone for many years to come. All of the stone care products sold at CogswellStone can be used on granites, marbles, limestones, travertines and slates.  CogswellStone is now carrying Blue Ridge Soapstone Oil, which is a food safe mineral oil specifically formulated […]