Stone Care

A common misconception regarding natural stone is that it is an indestructible, maintenance-free product. While it is true that natural stone will wear better than almost all man-made products, basic care is needed to keep your stone flourishing. We, at CogswellStone, educate our clients in stone care, demonstrating that cleaning and maintaining your stone is easier than you think.

Warm water, a mild non-alkaline dishwashing liquid and a soft clean cloth are all that you need to clean your natural stone surfaces. Do not use general purpose cleaners, lemon, vinegar, or any other acidic product on your stone as they may etch the stone or damage the polish. An alternative is to purchase one of the many cleaning products sold through CogswellStone:


Use on a regular basis to remove residue from cooking, food spills, hairspray, cosmetics, etc. from all natural stone surface countertops, walls and floors. Many food, drinks and toiletries may contain acids that can etch and/or dull the surface of your stone. You can purchase a cleaner that not only cleans the surface, but also protects by leaving behind an impregnating protective shield every time it is used.

Stone Polish

An easy-to-use spray polish designed to give your natural stone a brilliant shine without leaving a greasy film.


Sealing your stone with an impregnating sealer will form a barrier which will prevent most spills from damaging your natural stone. Sealing your stone is a simple process that you at home can do, no professionals needed. We recommend that you seal your natural stone once a year for lighter colored stones, and every two years for darker colored stones. Once sealed properly, your stone is protected against every day dirt and spills. Proper consistent cleaning will help the sealer last longer, keeping your stone protected without damaging your stone’s natural beauty.

Soapstone Oil

Blue Ridge Soapstone Oil is easily applied and spread to bring out the natural lustre in your soapstone.